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Thread: Bullhead watches

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    Bullhead watches

    Never got one myself ... and to some extent they are in a time gone by, as I don't seem to see many new versions? (apart from that wussy one I saw being made early this year) , though I do like them

    Soooooooooooo, begs the question: Have you got any? ... and pics

    (bullhead, bullhead )
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    aha, in that case..... here you have some watches i like....
    Seiko 5 50th anniversary
    Name:  DSC04983.JPG
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    Seiko SCEB011
    Name:  img59497614.jpg
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    Citizen Bullhead
    Name:  0.jpg
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    and ofcourse the Seamaster
    Name:  Omega-Seamaster-Bullhead-5.jpg
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    Name:  showroom_bullhead.jpg
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    (ps : none of them are owned by me!)

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    Those last two have bull chins too ?

    Just realised I have one of sorts, a Laco (with the winder at 12) but no ears.. (will supply pics soon)
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    I'll take this one if I can find one. Seiko Izul
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    Yeah, that one Omega bullhead with the white dial is awesome. I liked the Seiko bullhead reissues, but they've got automatic watches.

    Vintage Seiko and Citizen bullheads aren't that expensive. I think I've seen mint examples (though perhaps not all original) going anywhere from $300-500. I'd always considered them, but as always with vintage, I worry about them being too small. They're big for vintage, if I recall correctly, but they are a a strange shape, so you never know how they'll wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    Just realised I have one of sorts, a Laco (with the winder at 12) but no ears..
    that's called a unicorn
    Name:  unicorn-vulnerability.jpg
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    Mine's in black (and the crown is pretty well hidden unless you put the special lugs out of the way:

    Name:  laco03.jpg
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    Yeah, I'm going to get a bullhead soon. I like the vintage Seikos. Just need to pull the trigger before they become harder to find.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well I have a few pics in one of my watch pic folders .. but these are in my screen saver folder Name:  5839c538551710bb2548a4e0236858d3.jpg
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    Russian Watches

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