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Thread: Help Identify...

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    Help Identify...

    Hello Friends,

    Could anyone please help me identify this pre-owned model... I am planning to buy it.... Also wud I be able to get the spares for it? Here are 2 pics of this watch that the seller mailed me....Thanks in advance.

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    Looks like a G-Cool GT-000BJ-7 from 1996 but the G-Cool's all looked pretty similar so I could be wrong.

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    Thanks for chiming in dobber... i just hope I am able to get a replacement bezel, O ring etc for it

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    Definitely looks like a member of the GT-000 series of G-Cool watches.

    This is a GT-000J-1:

    For parts, I'd check Casio USA, Pacparts, Tixtox, etc....the usual sources. Also worth checking eBay.

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    Thanks for replying Kronos.... will check out the sites u've mentioned

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    Definitely a G-Cool. I think I had one of those at one time.

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