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Thread: $1000 to spend...but....on Amazon....DOT CA!!!

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    Question $1000 to spend...but....on Amazon....DOT CA!!!

    Good morning all

    Interesting dilemma....

    I have a total of $1015 of credit - how it got there requires no imagination.....but I love them dearly

    now...please don't judge.....this is not the venue I would usually chose to hunt for a timepiece..... however....when given lemons and all that.....

    Initial research shows there is a lot going on with some vendors inflating prices ridiculously and sorting wheat from chaff is painful and time intensive and my head hurts from a night of trawling already.... in a world where Orkina and Lightinthebox rub shoulders with Tag, Rolex, and B&M in the whimsical "luxury" bracket I am profoundly under and over whelmed....

    Does anyone have an idea of where to start? The search functions are horrible... search Sarb017 and you get nothing.... yet this is there
    which so far is the most tempting ...although I know it's $170 cheaper here

    what would you do?

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    I can only offer one bit of advice, when searching on Amazon, you have to remember that (as you've partly discovered) just searching for "an item" will not always return every instance of that item.
    They have a habit of running several PLU's for the exact same item! , all with a small unique selection of vendors selling it.

    Be short/brief with your search terms and you get slightly better, but still don't catch all the worms.
    Go for the marqe not the model and trawl through.
    Or simply use google in this fashion: "Sarb017"

    Oh and dodgy vendors have a habit of adding hidden search terms to get you to look at their xyy product, when you're really looking for xyz product.

    Ok that's more than one piece of advice but you get the gist
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    There's actually a lot more on there than you'd think. Are you trying to burn up the entire grand? What kind of watch?

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    I believe Long Island Watch sells on and they are a first class outfit.

    Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. ~Doug Larson

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    Let me first say I love I have Prime, and use it on things I'd have never expected. And I use it a LOT (though it seems not as much as you!).

    That said, I now risk an accusal of blasphemy. I would probably NOT buy a watch or watches there with that reward money, but would spend it on other things I would otherwise buy somewhere else, and were a good or great deal on Amazon.

    While I understand the lure of "free money" to splurge on watches there, so far I have found few if any that were not available elsewhere at a far better deal. So I would buy other products there (good deals), and then save the money I'd have spent on them somewhere else, to spend of watches that were a good deal from wherever. Just my 2 cents (feeling miserly posting this, but every dollar you save on the price of an item is a dollar you get to spend on another item. Quite enjoyable)!
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    Regards, T Bone

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    One way to find a good deal on Amazon is to search their lightning deals of the day. You can filter on Men's wristwatches. They had Fortis and Breitling last week, and have Tissot, Zenith and ML coming up in the next 24 hours. I have not nearly as many reward points, but that is what I would do. go to their site and search lightning deals of the day. This is for the US site so I'm assuming they have somethign like it for the Canadian one.

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    Thanks for the replies - first of all T Bone - all amazons are not created equal, and COM is infinitely superior to CA, and I hear you about better deals elsewhere. Unfortunately the deal is that I do splurge on a watch - it is expected by the gifters......

    My goal is to not get hosed too horribly...... and I did fall into the trap of not saying what kind of watch....(gawd.....noobs eh?)

    Truth is I am not all that sure... I have an incoming Magrette Dual Time in green in the new year... which will likely keep me off getting the SARB017 Alpinist (only so much green)...that will be my eighth Magrette - oops....

    So this might turn into a where next with the collection.... this is what I have:
    DOXA Sub 1200T NUMA #6
    DOXA Sub 1000T TUSA #26
    DOXA Shark Ceramica
    DOXA Aquaman
    Glycine Combat Sub "Golden Eye"
    Magrette Regattare Vintage
    Magrette Regattare Bronze/Brass X 2 (patina/no patina)
    Magrette Regattare Moana Pacific (PVD)
    Magrette Regattare 2011
    Magrette Regattare Valencia #1
    Andrč Rivalle Chronograph (Lapanouse)
    Scubapro 500
    Seiko SKX009 Tsunami Dial + GMT (by Jake B & Yobokies)
    Tissot T-Classic Le Locle
    National Geographic Pharaoh NG06GKBS
    Bernhardt Binnacle Anchor
    Tag Heuer 1000
    Tag Heuer "specialist" GMT Professional
    Buler Astromaster (Baumgartner 582)

    Incoming: Magrette Dual Time (Green) Jan 2015

    Gone but not forgotten:
    Magrette Moana Pacific Professional 2013 (Rose gold) SOLD
    Steinhart Marine SOLD
    Vostock Scuba Dude (gifted)
    Tag Heuer SE/L (gifted)

    So as you can see - I am an impulse buyer to some extent...... I had really wanted to get a Glycine Base 22 purist as my next watch.... but that is not an option.... I also really liked the Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT but have not seen it in person.... get the feeling I would like it to look at more than wear...

    So where do you all think the collection should progress?
    Last night I was convinced that the Max Bill wasn't too bad a deal ...and a fine watch to boot...
    but again... not too sure....

    Long Island has homages to this style, but I can't get over the mushroom nature of Junkers and Zepplin (even though a Zepplin would be cool to wear on holiday in Friedrichshafen )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uber View Post
    how it got there requires no imagination...
    In this concern I have no imagination ? ... so I'm asking

    How the feck do you get ~$1000 credit ?
    Last night I was convinced that the Max Bill wasn't too bad a deal ...and a fine watch to boot
    I cna't work out the price comparison in £ or euros so can't comment other than it's a mighty fine watch/brand

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    Max Bill can be had cheaper off chrono24, unless you consider that you have 'free' money to spend. Been looking at that very recently but don't recall the exact seller. Was from Germany though. The Chronoscope on mesh came out to something like $1795 Cdn shipped,Miranda new with the full two year warranty.

    Mark from Long Island is great to deal with. In the vein of some of your pieces what about a Squale Atmos50? He ships from NY but all shipping, duty etc is all included.

    Alpina deals can be found on .ca as well

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    I don't know about Amazon up north but if I had $1000 credit and wanted to spend it on a watch I would be stuff I needed (everyday items) from Amazon and then use the $1,000 to buy a watch from the cheapest place. I don't know of Amazon CA has $1000 worth of stuff you need, but for me I spend over $1000 on Amazon especially during December. I won't overpay for something even with free money, assuming the free money can be spent on other items I would buy anyway that are as cheap or cheaper than I can get them elsewhere.
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