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Thread: That old, familiar feeling...

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    That old, familiar feeling...

    This morning while getting ready for work I could hear the rain falling on the bathroom window. Knowing the weather would likely be rainy all (or most of the) day, I changed me shoes and passed my eye over the watchbox with different perspective. "Hmmm. Haven't worn the Sinn (U1) in a while, it's a dive watch (even been on an actual dive or two) it can handle the weather no problem. Guess I'll wear it today." Reaching out and picking it up I instantly feel the heft, "I had almost forgotten how substantial this watch is on the bracelet." So I slip it on my wrist, fold the clasp and snap it into place, "Oh yea, we meet again old friend."

    For whatever reason I hadn't worn my Sinn U1 for almost a month (the date was set on the 22nd meaning I probably took it off the evening of the 20th), but when I put it on this morning it's like no time had passed. It slipped right back on my wrist and felt right at home, which I found to be a little odd to me considering I've been wearing smaller, lighter watches recently (SARB065 on NATO, Grand Seiko SBRG083 and Rolex GMT-II, both on their respective bracelets) and small or light are two adjective that have probably been used to describe a U1. Which caused me to wonder if anyone else has ever experienced something similar with a watch you haven't worn in a while, and the reason why some watches just feel right, no matter how much or little you wear them.

    Edit: Went looking and found this pic from the 11/20 WRUW thread, so I guess it was a month (more or less).

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    Same thing with my SBDX011 and Pam 92,both are heavy and thick,but once I'm back wearing them,it all felt so natural

    Prior to my Pam 345,I worn Pam 177 (Titanium) for a month then I changed to SBDX011 (thick and heavy) and the Seiko felt strangely familiar on my wrist

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    Any of my JDM Citizens always feel great on the wrist and I forget how comfortable they are (especially the titanium ones), until I remember to wear them again.
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    A few watches of mine come to mind, but most notably my vintage Orient King Diver, and my Tudor Heritage Chrono. They just feel right.

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    With over 25 watches to choose from, this happens to me all the time. I put on a watch that I haven't worn for some time, and, like that Foreigner song, it feels like the first time.
    Reminds me of why I bought the particular watch to begin with. Doesn't happen with every watch, but there's a certain number of them that elicit that feeling in me.
    And, for the first few hours that I have it on, it feels like a brand new watch again.
    Which is nice.


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    All excellent points. The more I think about it the more it appears to be a combination of a well fitting watch that you happen to also really like. You bought it because you liked it and kept it because it wore well and you still liked it (as we all know, unfortunately watches sometimes fall out of favor).

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