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Thread: That old, familiar feeling...

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    That old, familiar feeling...

    This morning while getting ready for work I could hear the rain falling on the bathroom window. Knowing the weather would likely be rainy all (or most of the) day, I changed me shoes and passed my eye over the watchbox with different perspective. "Hmmm. Haven't worn the Sinn (U1) in a while, it's a dive watch (even been on an actual dive or two) it can handle the weather no problem. Guess I'll wear it today." Reaching out and picking it up I instantly feel the heft, "I had almost forgotten how substantial this watch is on the bracelet." So I slip it on my wrist, fold the clasp and snap it into place, "Oh yea, we meet again old friend."

    For whatever reason I hadn't worn my Sinn U1 for almost a month (the date was set on the 22nd meaning I probably took it off the evening of the 20th), but when I put it on this morning it's like no time had passed. It slipped right back on my wrist and felt right at home, which I found to be a little odd to me considering I've been wearing smaller, lighter watches recently (SARB065 on NATO, Grand Seiko SBRG083 and Rolex GMT-II, both on their respective bracelets) and small or light are two adjective that have probably been used to describe a U1. Which caused me to wonder if anyone else has ever experienced something similar with a watch you haven't worn in a while, and the reason why some watches just feel right, no matter how much or little you wear them.

    Edit: Went looking and found this pic from the 11/20 WRUW thread, so I guess it was a month (more or less).

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