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Thread: seiko cal.560 manual

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    seiko cal.560 manual

    Just saw this ad and am having a think about it. While I am, wondering if anyone had any thoughts? I don't know the Seiko Crown range, what kind of quality. The dial looks in good condition from the photo but the ad says "a little damage(small stain)" Wish I could spot it in the photo Can't quite decide what I think of those indices. I do rather like this plain design. Its 35m

    Price is $188 but has a Make An Offer button. I think that's a bit high? The crystal could very cheaply be replaced. The caseback says SS - is that the whole case? The case could enjoy a polish, assuming the SS refers to the whole case, and that it isn't chrome plated.

    I'm not sure I know how to read / date a five digit Seiko serial number. Am looking into production dates for cal.560. Might it be 1961? I already have a 1961 Seiko, which has a 66 movement. Need to find out how the 560 relates to this. Someone once told me about Seikosha, but I've forgotten it all

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    Very interesting indeed! I know nothing about Seiko/Seikosha except I can get the Seiko 5 models for a song and a dance and just love them as beater watches.

    Very hard to tell, but it seems like the case back is in far better shape than the case and the movement? But that could be the lighting as well. If its been serviced and keeps time, the price can't be that far off. If it has not been serviced, then the value or lack thereof of a 560 movement becomes more important.

    I like the clean look of it as well.

    Please keep us posted!


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    I'm getting the impression that the Crown line wasn't as high as (Lord) Marvels, but was still considered in the top third. The higher models used movements derived from the 560, presumably improving upon it.

    There were three levels of shock protection for it, Diashock was the highest.

    The advert says "Maintenance: unknown" so that will be another $75 for a service.

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    While poking around for information on Seiko Crown, I came across this advert for a Lord Marvel for $319. The extra $131 would seem to be worth it in every department!

    Edit, the more I look at prices for vintage Seikos, the more this price seems too steep for the condition

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    You can certainly see the upgrade in the Lord Marvel movement (regulator). I do like the slimmer style of the less expensive model though

    Thanks for the update pics!


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    The slenderness and the dial design is very refreshing, but I've already got a pair of beaten up very thin 35mm dress watches and they both cost a lot less than this!

    The Lord Marvel is very close to something I really like, but if I'm going to get a Lord Marvel I want a dial in really good condition. And blue would be nice

    The place which is doing the Lord Marvel has another date free watch which has caught my eye, I'll post photos when I get home. It's a lower grade than a Seiko Crown, but the dial is in perfect condition and the case is pretty impressive too

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    Here's the Skyliner I'm about to buy. The 61A movement isn't anything special, but both my other cheap Seikos from this era keep good time - despite the watches showing signs of having had a very hard time - so I have confidence in it.

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    Me being me I'll be putting it on a nice warm mid brown strap
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    And that's that paid for Will be arriving in the new year.

    About the Crown, I decided that if I'm going to pay exra for a higher-end movement, I would rather get something closer to the top of the tree, such as a Lord Marvel 36,000. This Skyliner isn't cheap for what it is, especially compared to what I paid for my other two Seikos (next to nothing) but I figure I'm paying for the condition. The rather visible dirt is on the rim of the crystal: since I intend to replace thats not an issue. I'll make sure the when I have it replaced I'll hang onto this one as if I sell it one day it would be nice to be able to include the original crystal and bracelet.

    I'm absolutely certain that the lug size I'm going to need is going to be 19mm.

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    Looks pretty nice! I wish I had been bitten by the Japanese bug back when I was buying heavily. I certainly would have acquired a few.



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