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Thread: Parking lot rage

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    Parking lot rage

    Just ranting... some parts of Chicago get really busy on Saturdays... one such place is a small shopping center in the middle of north center. I was there today and there was some guy just parked in the middle of a busy parking lot causing a traffic jam. After being stuck around him for a while I lost it and started yelling and honking at him. Then he called me a dick as I finally squeezed past. I normally keep my composure, but this guy was causing such a cluster... grr

    Anyway, just venting... ::end rant::
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    Oh, Old Orchard. How I miss you so.

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    There's people like this everywhere you go. Self centered and selfish. They could care less that they are holding up 10 people+ behind them.

    Heck an elderly gentleman stopped to pull over (where there is no shoulder) in the right lane of a 4 lane throughway, which is the only way into the city where I live, so you can imagine how busy that throughway is, so that he could drop off his passenger.

    I couldn't believe it and honked as I got around him. My wife was telling me "to calm down and be nice because he was old. IMO, Elderly or doesn't give you the right to stop anywhere you dam please because it's convenient for you to do so.

    He was holding up at least 10 other cars behind me, not to mention creating a situation for an accident.

    I feel you.
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    The problem is that most of these types of people are completely oblivious to the fact that they are a danger because they are so self absorbed, thinking about nothing but themselves. Just today, when out shopping, I held a door in the freezing cold for a family of five for two minutes while they got Mom, Dad, the two kids and Grandma in to the store.

    Now I don't stand on ceremony and wasn't looking for accolades...but not a single one of them said a word. Walked through like they were entitled, no eye contact and not one thank you. The Dad was the last in and I muttered to the person I was with "well mannered family" and the guy heard me (I wanted him to) and he turned and said "oh...uh..(c'mon pal, find the words, I know you don't use them much) thanks".

    No wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket when parents can't be well mannered, and, don't teach their kids the basic tenants of class. The kids don't get that it is important if they want to be anything but a ditch digger. OK, my rant is now over too.
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    Hell, my wife could road rage in the driveway

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    Ho ho ho. 'Tis the season...
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    I drive a rather large truck with a loud horn. It helps somewhat to clear traffic.

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    Some people can just be arse's.

    I was in a relatively cramped super marche yesterday, made worse by level of customers at this time of year, and several clowns didn't realise the logjam and inconvenience they were causing by 'stopping for a rest' with trolley across the end of an aisle.
    Park it somewhere else or keep moving!!!! IDIOT.
    Then I witnessed several people with no manners whatsoever, pushing through without giving way to ANYONE.

    At least I said thank you as someone let me (without trolley) past..

    Some people are just ignorant and selfish.


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    Parking lot rage

    I just wish I had James Bond style "upgrades" to my car sometimes Maybe I'll have to settle for an SMP instead. Hey, it's a watch forum!

    Sent from my blackberry (just kidding!)
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    Most of the time the people who put themselves into dangerous situations have people swerve around them and hit others while they drive off obviously. Yesterday, I was picking stuff up for a Christmas party when a car tried to enter the freeway via the off ramp. He realized he was going the wrong way and used two lanes to make a U-turn. Of course, someone trying to avoid a head on ended up hitting another car. The original drive just drove off. If I was in that situation, I would have plowed head on into him. I have airbags and life insurance. Bring it on.

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