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Thread: Pelagos on 6.5" Wrist

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    Smile Pelagos on 6.5" Wrist

    What do you guys think? On the large side or just right on my wrist?

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    I tried the watch on very briefly about a week ago. Very impressed with the look and feel.

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    Ich bin ein Ebeler! WWII70's Avatar
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    It seems like a great watch for the money and it looks great on your wrist. Go on and buy it!
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    I think it looks great, not for dress occasions mind you...but daily & sport hell yea.

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    My honest opinion? I think the watch is on the large side; but still acceptable
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    If the Pelagos wears big, you have to just bite the bullet and have a larger watch. I think it looks fine btw.

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    Shaken, not stirred.
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    The size looks fine and the watch looks awesome.
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    It looks good on your wrist, and long sleeves always help balance out the proportions.
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    Looks too big for me, as a former Pelagos owner, it does wear fairly big. 50mm L2L on a 6.5" wrist is a bit of a stretch.

    Have you got a picture from a longer distance?

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    I think that we often think purely about the wrist and fail to consider the greater picture. My wrist is 6.5 - 6.75 and the whole of the rest of me is similarly lightweight (5'11 but only 160lbs). Some people have slender wrists on otherwise chunky arms, and on them a watch of this size and character will look good (whereas on me it would look silly)

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    Looks okay to me,I have the same wrist size and find the pelagos to fit smaller than most 44mm Pams

    This is the max that I can handle on my wrist

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