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Thread: Wristwatch Grand Sonneries?

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    Wristwatch Grand Sonneries?

    So I got to thinking about grand sonneries... the grand sonnerie is undoubtedly one of, if not the most difficult individual complication to develop and manufacture, especially at wristwatch sizes. Just for curiosity's sake, I am trying to put together a list of all wristwatch grand sonneries produced. Let me know of any I missed out!

    Patek Phillipe Grandmaster Chime

    Name:  Patek%u00252BPhilippe%u00252BGrandmaster%u00252BChime%u00252BRef.%u00252B5175%u00252BGrande%u002.jpg
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    Not a very pretty watch, but brings together all the known chiming mechanisms, Grand and petit sonnerie, minute repeater, alarm, and a world first date repeater from perpetual calendar (I believe Abraham Louis Breguet made a non perpetual date repeater pocket watch).

    A Lange and Sohne Grand Complication
    Name:  Lange-Soehne-Grand-Complication-02.jpg
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    An almost traditional "grand complication" watch bringing together split seconds chrono, perpetual calendar and minute repeater, but also a grand sonnerie with westminster chime. Bit of a beast at 50mm.

    Piaget Grand Sonnerie
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    Developed for them by FP Journe back when he was working as a free lance movement designer. Being a Piaget, it is of course, the thinnest Grand Sonnerie.

    FP Journe Sonnerie Souverain
    Name:  14af3551459c0b49ebf078c799ee3ff2.jpg
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    Journe of course made an all new GS for his own brand. The DNA of the Piaget he made is evident. Journe worked hard to make the sonnerie easy to operate and difficult to accidentaly damage. He designed it so that a hypothetical 8 year old could easily operate it. Encased in steel for superior acoustics!

    Jaeger Le Coultre Hybris Mechanica A' Grand Sonnerie
    Name:  jaeger-lecoultre-hybris-mechanica-grande-sonnerie-watch.jpg
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    Ah, JLC. They can make a $7000 Reverso, and they can make a $1.5m dollar grand sonnerie with westminster chimes and perpetual calendar. Part of their incredible Hybris Mechanica elite collection and also the pinnacle of the Duometre line.

    Ulysee Nardin Imperial Blue
    Name:  Ulysse-Nardin-Imperial-Blue-Sonnerie-Tourbillon-14.jpg
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    Flying tourbillon and westminster chimes Grand Sonnerie

    Bvlgari is one of only 2 brands I've found who seem to have made more than one model. They seem to have acquired the know how through their acqusition of Gerald Genta and Daniel Roth. It would also appear that Genta and Roth had each made Sonneries before being acquired by Bvlgari but I havent been able to dig in to this much. Does anyone else have some clear info on all this?

    Bvlgari Daniel Roth Sonnerie with westminster chimes

    Name:  cms_block_image_1363.jpg
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    A Geral Genta branded Sonnerie
    Name:  GeraldGentaArenaMetaSonic.jpg
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    The other is Frank Muller who seem to have made two.
    Name:  09_1110_FM_Aeternitas-Mega-4_6.jpg
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    Finally Breguet seem to be working on a a seriously complicated watch in honour of the late Nicolas Hayek sr. They do have a pocket watch GS in their collection but this wristwatch watch is still under development. All indications are that it contains a tourbillon and grand sonnerie in addition to many other complications.

    Name:  Breguet-Hommage-Nicolas-Hayek-Grand-Complicaiton-620x515.jpg
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    What did I miss? I also pose to you, the most hypothetical of hypotheticals... what would you choose? I can't afford these watches of course but quite frankly for all the watchmaking virtuosity, most of these are far too big and just generally unattractive. If I had the kind of funds to afford these, I would probably go for the 42mm Journe which is both wearable and also I think amongst the most attractive models here. The Piaget is a bit too restrained but the 44mm JLC would also be hard to say no to. Actually my favourite aesthetically is the Lange but its a pocket watch sized 50mm. I'm also curious how the Breguet will turn out. I have the feeling it will be massive as the watch is a two sided watch like the Patek (47mm). I find most Breguets and their engine turned dials very attractive though.
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    Great post, thanks!

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    Credo Spring Drive Sonnerie

    It's never mentioned by Seiko, or anyone that it's a Grand Sonnerie, but it does hourly chime, quarterly chime, and repetition on demand (button at "8") so that counts, right? Maybe it's because Seiko never like to put the word "Grand" before anything

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    It looks like they're not done finishing that Credor yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerpac View Post
    It looks like they're not done finishing that Credor yet
    They're still working on the dial

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    Interesting! I knew they made a minute repeater but hadn't heard of a full Sonnerie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Domo View Post
    Maybe it's because Seiko never like to put the word "Grand" before anything
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domo View Post

    It's never mentioned by Seiko, or anyone that it's a Grand Sonnerie, but it does hourly chime, quarterly chime, and repetition on demand (button at "8") so that counts, right?
    I've looked it up. It's definitely a grand sonnerie. A petit sonnerie would only strike the passing of the hours or quarters but a grand sonnerie would repeat the number of hours upon passing as well. And the Credor has that functionality.
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    Philippe Dufour Grande et Petite Sonnerie:
    Attachment 6356
    The grail:
    Jean Daniel Nicolas Two Minute Tourbillon

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    Christophe Claret Soprano:
    Name:  Soprano-main-thumb-550x297.jpg
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    The grail:
    Jean Daniel Nicolas Two Minute Tourbillon

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