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Thread: The dreaded MUDMAN G9300 reset problem...

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    The dreaded MUDMAN G9300 reset problem...

    ...I finally experient one today..
    pull out of the drawer, no display.. i thought its just the usual power saving feature but after tilt and buttons pressing-- no sign of life.
    bring it outside and the display turn on but the time is reset..

    i wont recommend this model anymore since i personally wont feel confident with its reliability/dependability anymore..
    mine is 1 year old and i thought the reset problem is just from the early batch..

    no magnetic field and so on... well, i agree that the simplest G would be the most dependable one.... my simple one like 5600,5030, 6900 or 9052 never even give a glitch.
    my bluetooth GB5600 was having freeze and low bat flashing but at least it never reset and still tell time reliably..

    dont know what i should do next... i dont think AC reset would solve the issue..

    here's some picts when it happened... I just sharing guys...
    have a great day..

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    Name:  DSCN8444.jpg
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    That sucks. So much $ for what should be an issue-free watch. But fail. I felt the same way when the rivets fell out of my BIL's 7900B.

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    How long was it in the drawer? Did you buy it new?

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    Yeah... its a very handsome looking watch and fits me well.. to bad it could reset it self unpredictably even though the battery reads high..

    wearing my simple 5030c for now while the G9300 sits on the window seal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelamvr6 View Post
    How long was it in the drawer? Did you buy it new?
    yes i bought it new.. i still wore it last week... so it sits on the drawer just less than a week... its the first time it reset it self though.

    i dont have the confidence to bring it to the service centre since most of the owner who experience the same problem still got the watch that has the same potential problem... it think it is a bug issue on the firmware..

    i might still keep it and wear it occationally but i honestly feel disappointed since the main attraction from g-shock for me is the dependability.

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    That sucks! I've been reading up on this, I had never heard of this problem before. Maybe a new battery would fix it?

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    I personally think it might be mainboard and software problem and not battery related but i'll try to replicate the problem latter..

    i dont work or life near radio or large power electricity nor magnetic field and dont use radio talkback like some user experience.. and it's not even rest near any of my cellphones..

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    I have this model. Thanks for giving me one more thing to worry about in my life!

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    Sorry to hear this Iyonk. I was hoping it was the very early releases too and that maybe mine wasnt affected. But your model is about the same release batch as mine, so like you I will have trouble trusting mine. Ive never had a module problem from any gshock but this problem is well documented with the 9300 mudman. The possibility of this happening may be small but its unacceptable. Other than having very small digits I really like my 9300.

    Ive never heard of it happening to any of the 9000 series of which I have two models, so I guess Ill wear my g9000 when I need a mudman I can really trust.

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    thx greg... yeah i'll monitor this one closely... hope i could find the couse but i wont hold my breath on it..

    if it ever happen again i might replace the battery with my other casio just to check it out..

    thx for your responds everybody..

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