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Thread: **** Laika the legend of Sputnik 2 ****

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    **** Laika the legend of Sputnik 2 ****

    Laika, Russian cosmonaut dog

    Nov. 3, 1957: The Soviet Union sends the first living creature into orbit:

    The space race was heating up and the Americans was catching up so a victory was need another first for Russia was wanted so on the 3rd of November 1957 the soviet union launched the first ever living animal Laika into orbit:

    The mission was another in a series of coups for the Soviet Union, which was then leading the way in space exploration while the United States lagged. Just a month earlier, they had launched Sputnik, the world’s first satellite. When Laika’s vessel, Sputnik 2, shot into orbit, the U.S. fell even further behind.

    so who was Laika / Лайка or in English Barker : Laika refers to a type of hunting dog of Northern Russia and Russian Siberia, and is a generic name for several breeds..

    She was a stray picked up off the streets of Moscow just over a week before the rocket was set to launch . she was promoted to cosmonaut because of her size and calm nature according to the press of the time. ( All of the 36 dogs the Soviets sent into space — before Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth — were strays, chosen for strength of character.)

    Other dogs had gone into space before Laika, but only for sub-orbital launches.

    She underwent training with two other dogs. She was then chosen as the dog to go up in the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 :

    She was a mix of either a Siberian Husky or other Nordic breed, and a terrier.

    NASA refers to Laika as a "part-Samoyed terrier"

    The reason for sending a dog into space was to get information about the behaviour of living organisms in a space environment. Information from the flight led to the discovery of solar (from the sun) and cosmic radiation.

    Not much was known about how space-flight would affect living animals at the time of Laika's mission. There was also no way, at that time, to bring the satellite back down to Earth. So all the scientists knew there would be no way for Laika to survive her trip. It was necessary to send a dog first as a test, because it was not thought that humans could live in outer space.

    Laika died within hours from overheating. Her body temperature got way too hot for her to survive. The heat in her spacecraft had quickly risen to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The true cause and time of her death were hidden from people until 2002. Instead, it was reported that she died when her oxygen ran out on day six. Another untruth, as the Soviet government first said, was that she was euthanasia (put to sleep) before her oxygen ran out.

    On April 11, 2008, Russian officials opened a monument to Laika. It was built near the military research facility in Moscow which prepared Laika's space flight. It is of a dog standing on top of a rocket

    She also appears on the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in Moscow.

    Laika & the Cosmonauts, a Finnish surf rock band, were named for Laika. They formed in 1987.

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    Russian Watches

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    Great info!
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    Just as complementary information

    Photos, last summer at VDNK parc.

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    I've listened to a bit of Laika and the Cosmonauts, I like what I've heard! The Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire had a song titled "Neighborhoods # 2 (Laika)" on their debut album, "Funeral". It was about an older brother who left home and forsook his family, the song title is mentioned in the chorus "our mother shoulda just named you Laika!" The album itself is depressingly beautiful and weird and is one continual disjointed "story".

    Here's the track in question.

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