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Thread: Welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by I-B View Post
    looks like you found the answer on a question you recently had

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    Hi folks.

    This is a bit of a surprise, don't know what the catalyst was for creating this forum, perhaps I will never know. Hope it is a success as there are some good guys running it, I will certainly be visiting fairly regularly, though WUS will continue to get my support as the F17 forum is one of the best on the internet.
    Hope you guys on here will continue to support it as well as there must be room for more than one great forum.


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    Hello here,
    now i must check 2 forums instead of one

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    Hey all.

    Glad to see some familiar names/faces. Hope to be posting some G's soon

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    Me too.

    In my case, that's one forum for each surviving brain cell.

    Quote Originally Posted by gregnoid View Post
    Hello here,
    now i must check 2 forums instead of one

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    Hello everyone nice to see some familiar names again, really missed you, nice to see you again.

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    so that is where everyone is gone :-)

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    Hi all!

    Can i jump the bandwagon? Yes? Great! Another forum for G-Shockers,Giezz......

    OK,now serious..... I have read about the 'troubles' on F17,but i am not here to judge. So,i am not going to.
    Only thing i hope,that both forums can co-exist and that both forums will be or become a great source for G-Shockers.

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    Hello Everyone! I had a hard time finding this site, but in a moment of inspiration, I typed in certain members' usernames and "watch forum", and voila! Looking forward to continuing my G-shock Education!

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    Hello everybody, what I have seen so far is that it seemed to be a very nice place.
    Thank you for let me in


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