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Thread: Knowledge is power!

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    Knowledge is power!

    As I slowly negotiate my way through the minefield that is the what, when and where the hell of clocks in a spitfires, I've got an early payoff:

    A version of the clock most commonly fitted (and retro fitted courtesy of part 6A/1060) to Spitfires post mid 1940 and in the configuration most used in fighters (another surprise - people are consistently buying the wrong thing!). Ebay fifty quid! In the post from Ukraine is the clock fitted to the thousand Spitfires exported to Russia, In fact, in terms of numbers the 36 hour clock above and the Russian one (which I'm going to be a bit secretive about for a while) are the second and third most common fitment. But the spoiler is that the most common clock fitted to a spitfire really was nothing. However, when I asserted that to my brother in law, I got the chronology wrong - it's the later, post '42 or so Spitfires that tend not to have one fitted unless needed. I also note that the BBMF spitfire I mentioned earlier now has a much later clock fitted and one that isn't usually associated with Spitfires and didn't exist n 1940. Naughty BBMF!

    I think that's enough of a trailer! Merry Christmas all.

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    Very nice. A rare find indeed.
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    Forgive my total ignorance but are these key wound or?
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    Radium dial?
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    Bezel wound, bezel set - I doubt it's radium; I just don't see the damage to the paint from ionising radiation. Not so rare, just misunderstood it appears.

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