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Thread: Watch to strap value

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    Watch to strap value

    Let's see if we could find some really extreme watch value to strap value ratios (value of watch divided by value of strap it is on). A very large number would mean the watch is worth much more than the strap, and a small number (under one) would mean the strap is worth more than the watch!

    My Tissot Visodate (around $450) on Hirsch Italocalf (around $25) = a watch:strap ratio of 18.
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    Due to an astonishing 2nd hand buy in price for the watch (and a genuine replacement strap), this combo works out at (watch/strap) about 2.5 to 1
    (Nivrel 320, and a Nivrel replacement strap for ~50)
    I'll try and post a better one showing the actual strap later.

    If I'd have bought the watch new, the ratio would have lunged into the 24 to 1 sort of level !!

    I think we need to work out a watch to watch strap ratio unit naming scheme ......

    Can we call it a wap or a strach ??
    or maybe a Straptch ?

    So my example would have a wap (or stratch) factor of 2.5
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    I like WAP... New term for the WIS lexicon!

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    WAP it is then

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    Watch: $4250
    Strap: $10
    WAP: 425.

    Edited for poor early-morning math!

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    Quote Originally Posted by popoki nui View Post
    WAP: 42.5

    ... so far

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    My $82 Casio is on a $50 Bonetto Cinturini strap....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    My $82 Casio is on a $50 Bonetto Cinturini strap....
    WAP = 1.64

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    $7500 watch on $10.5 strap (got it from Panatime's clearance)

    Gives the ratio of 714.28

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    Quote Originally Posted by synequano View Post

    $7500 watch on $10.5 strap (got it from Panatime's clearance)

    Gives the ratio of 714.28
    That sound you heard was my jaw dropping

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