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Thread: Favorite 30k Watches --- What say you?

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    Favorite 30k Watches --- What say you?

    I might be making a big purchase soon in the 30k range.

    Hodinkee did a great article on the 20k range but what about 30k?

    So, to make me feel like I'm not missing anything, what are everyone's favorite 30k or so watches?

    Let's stick to new, but any style or company is open.

    What say you gents?!

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    ALS, some of the lower end ones, would be my suggestion.
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    I do quite like the 1815 up/down. The movement is amazing and a real draw. The dial I like as well but it doesn't blow me away.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    ALS, some of the lower end ones, would be my suggestion.

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    I'm a sucker for De Bethune so, if the price is in euros, I think I'd be tempted to land a nice DB25.

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    or maybe this
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    Given that choice of two, I think definitely the one on leather

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    If I had > $30,000 This would be mine!!
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    Beautiful, but waiting to see it in SS. Gold sporty tool watches still strike me as a weird mix.

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    If I had > $30,000 This would be mine!!

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    I'd go simple and beautiful. Wish they made this in stainless, I'd be all over it. Borrowed pictures, sadly.

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    ^That was one of my finalists actually. LOVE that VC.

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