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Thread: IoL's Watch Journey 2014

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    IoL's Watch Journey 2014

    It's that time of year, where I reminisce on what entered my "collection" and what got kicked out (and anything else that might be relevant). In terms of how many watches were added, this year was much more reasonable--2013 was just too insane and over the top.

    Rounding off 2013 with the El Primero effectively put a halt on the madness because it was, and still is, one of my favorite watches. Hell, 2014 was over halfway through before I found a new dial peering up at me from my watch box, unless you count the Longines Admiral that a collector friend gifted me earlier in the year. And, hey! I still need to get it serviced! Oh, the joys of being irrationally in love with mechanical watches.

    But I digress.

    Where to start? Around January/February, I sent my LeCoultre off to be serviced and, low and behold, customs ensnared the watch for a month as it attempted to enter a neighboring country where my watchmaker was located. I didn't think I was ever going to see it again, but countless, persistent phone calls paid off--the watch was eventually delivered, and it later returned home running better than ever.

    (It's on the left)

    During that time, my friend gifted me the Longines Admiral from the early 1970s. Aesthetically, it's not a style of watch I normally gravitate toward, but I quite like it. I still laugh at how nonchalantly he pulled it out of his pocket. When ~150 watches--many of them vintage Omegas, Rolex, Ebel, PP, Seiko, etc.--make up your collection, I guess it's just another watch.

    A few months later, I gifted my Seiko Monster to a friend for his wedding. After I had it serviced and very lightly polished, my 1950s Bucherer went to another friend. Normally, I avoid polishing at all costs, but since it was a gift, I gave in.

    (Yes, the Bucherer got a new set of spring bars)

    Somewhere along the line, I picked up this period-correct, authentic advert to go with my PP pocket watch. I love the history and search for documents like this; it makes this hobby so much more fun.

    In September, I added the '64 Constellation and Speedmaster Racing, both of which I'm still enjoying.

    Then came the Ludwig, which I wasn't able to wear for a few months because the strap was too big. I only started wearing it in December.

    My GS came last. I've been vocal about my gripes with the watch over on WUS, but I still adore it--it's my most frequently worn piece at the moment.

    So, what's next, you ask? Other than treating a few watches to a spa visit, nada....unless, of course, I find the perfect 1675, but that's easier said than done when you're as picky as me.

    P.S. I know you've seen these pictures before, but they're all I have at the moment.

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    Quite a journey you had this year, IoL! Thanks for sharing the adventure, and I hope 2015 brings you more awesome watches, or at least the perfect 1675!

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    Beautiful acquisitions, interesting stories, and great photos. Hope you enjoy all that you found this year. Thanks for sharing!


    P.S. What were your concerns with the GS?

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    A wise and systematized approach to collecting has its benefits and they're shown here.

    Thank you for sharing, IoL. And I hope you find your 1675 soon.


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    Good stuff, as always IOL! Love that Ludwig!!

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    I need to start running in your circle of friends with friends gifting watches ..... yup, there are a few vintage Omega and Rolex, IWC pieces that I would like to add (don't even dare dreaming about PP). And the Bucherer is very nice too.
    Love the look of your LeCoultre; it's sort of the inverse of my / the Omega Speedmaster Professional Mitsukoshi (conversion).

    Great post and it has been a great year for you, even if there were substantially fewer additions than in years prior.
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    The Constellation. It's all about the Constellation.

    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Great post.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imitation of Life View Post
    My GS came last. I've been vocal about my gripes with the watch over on WUS, but I still adore it--it's my most frequently worn piece at the moment.
    Tell us something we don't know

    PS: If you're gonna keep posting that pic of the Patek advertisement, can you at least take a fresh one and wait until the small seconds hand lines up with the 10 second mark? Ta

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    Nice. You have fine taste of varied styles! I would also like to hear what's wrong with the gs though...
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