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Thread: Waiting on a 7t32 & 7t34

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    Waiting on a 7t32 & 7t34

    A generous member on WS offered a free non working 7t32 to the first person to PM him. Proviso was to post pics once repaired.
    This is what he is sending.
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    Next is a 7t34 Flightmaster from Italy. Same as I have already. Might use it as spares or repair it. Don't know yet.
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    Sent from my Honor 5c

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    First package arrived from down under.

    Few extras were thrown in too. Always good to have spare parts.

    Sent from my Honor 5c
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    Quick look at the yellow and orange 7t32.

    Can't set calendar or time.
    Broken hour wheel?

    Running seconds hand not moving.

    Chrono starts and resets but not to 0. Cannot reset zero position with crown out.

    Alarm sets and sounds.

    Time to dive in and take a look tomorrow.

    Sent from my Honor 5c

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