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Thread: Minecraft

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    Have you heard of it or played the game? I read recently that Microsoft paid over $2 billion to get the rights to it.
    I did some reading up and it's a Lego like adventure game where you can build stuff, or try to survive against a night full of nasty monsters.
    One guy has made a lot of money for charity by attempting to walk to the Minecraft Far Lands - a game region where the math of the terrain generating engine breaks down. Apparently you have to walk about 12000 km from your start point for this to happen. He's been at it now nearly 4 years and he's still nowhere close.

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    An ex of mine had a 10yo boy who was absolutely transfixed with the thing !..

    The first thing I wanted to do to help is to turn the bloody resolution up ! , it's worse than the very worse 1980's block graphics computer you've ever seen !!

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    I can't help but notice that when I'm in the bookstore, there are rather sizeable volumes available on the subject of this game. There is a ps4 edition, but it doesn't interest me.
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    I have 4 kids aged 6 to 12 and they are all in love with the game. They also do lots of Lego building in real life, and this is something of a virtual continuation of that. As a parent I am far happier with them playing something creative rather than the other more violent and misogynistic games.

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    Minecraft is great. My 3 kids love it. It promotes creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. There are many updates that keep the game fresh. It is primitive looking, but I like it.


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    I'd rather play this

    A nice cartoony first person shooter. I've always let my elder kids play what they like as long as they thought about it. They are all on Steam and Battlenet and it's as fine a mode of interaction as any I know. However, my current waste of time is this online MTG clone from the same stable:

    It's not quite MTG, but it's a much better online game.
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    My kids adore minecraft..I have watched and marvelled at some of their creations..seems to take a huge amount of effort and very much like virtual Lego.

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    Minecraft is awesome. My son loves it. It's a fantastic game.
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    my kids play it a lot. Usually they are in a world together with three or four at the same time. Building stuff together and annoying each other, and in doing so, annoying me!

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