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Thread: How did I get here?

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    How did I get here?

    Inspired by several other threads, and with some time on my hands today, thought I'd share my story about the journey into watch craziness.

    My first mechanical watch actually was given to me when I was a young teenager; I wore it for quite a few years, but honestly never thought much about it:

    Name:  Clebar December 2014.JPG
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    At some point, can't remember exactly when, but at least 30 years ago (yikes!), I wanted a nice, simple, no maintenance watch that looked dressier, so I bought this little Citizen Eco-drive:

    Name:  Citizen Eco Drive First December 2014.JPG
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    That was it until about ten years ago, when my international travel was getting completely out of hand, so I decided I needed a dual time zone watch. Got this one (liked the Eco Drives):

    Name:  Citizen Eco Drive E8700 December 2014.JPG
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    I had had my father's old Hamilton for many years (he passed away when I was a teenager), and I started wearing it for dressy occasions:

    Name:  Hamilton December 2014.JPG
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    But it was old and fragile, and one of the lugs broke. It took two tries to get it fixed, but even then, I'm afraid to wear it. So, having gotten the mechanical bug after wearing the Hamilton, I joined that other watch forum and started researching and learning. My original goal was a dual time watch, and eventually, after a bunch of time, I got this one:

    Name:  Longines small.JPG
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    Unfortunately, although it was a beautiful watch, I had made a newbie mistake despite all my research--at 16+ mm, it was too tight a fit under my shirt cuffs. So off it went in exchange for others, and the journey started in earnest.

    If anyone who's made it through this lengthy missive wants the next chapter, let me know and I'll post it.

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    One thing that shouts at me after reading this post , is you're spending WAY TOO long between purchases

    and OMG you sold the Longines

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    Yes please next chapter quick quick

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    Let the story unfold......coz I know it will be a happy ending

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    One thing that shouts at me after reading this post , is you're spending WAY TOO long between purchases

    and OMG you sold the Longines
    Oh, not too long any more, that's for sure.

    Like I said, the Longines was a beauty, but I couldn't wear it to work, I like my watches under the sleeve, not at the end of my wrist near my hand. So it had to go...

    Next chapter to follow.

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    Such a pretty watch to let go

    for whatever reason

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    One thing that shouts at me after reading this post , is you're spending WAY TOO long between purchases
    Man, I thought I was bad.....

    Great posting of some cool watches that have had an influence in your life. Nice.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    OK, Chapter 2.

    It's now 2013, and I'm still thinking I can make do with one dual purpose watch... what was I thinking? Was I crazy then, or am I crazy now?

    Anyway, I bought this one, figuring it had the dual time. A pretty watch, nicely finished...but I discovered that when I wasn't traveling, that extra hour hand really bothered me, and distracted me when I took a quick glance for the time. Not sure what that says about me.

    Name:  Tag Heuer small.jpg
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    Still, I was torn about whether to keep it and in the mean time, I bought the next two at the same time, a Ball and a Maurice Lacroix. I loved the blue dial and domed crystal of the Ball, and still really like the watch--it's a keeper, very versatile, and the tritium is a nice feature, too.

    Name:  Ball Small 2.JPG
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    The Maurice Lacroix below has gorgeous guilloché, runs beautifully, and has excellent fit and finish. I preferred the dual time approach to the extra GMT hand, so it became my travel watch.

    Name:  Maurice Lacroix Nov 2014 Small 1.jpg
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    Problem is, it isn't getting any wrist time any more, since I bought my Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Hometime (that's very recent, for a later chapter). So, I will be looking to sell it in 2015. I can't stand the idea of such a beautiful watch lying completely idle. But it can't compete with the JLC, and I simply can't justify having two dressy watches for travel overseas.

    By this time I was completely immersed in the hobby that we all love. I thought it was time for a nice, inexpensive, weekend tool watch, and heard about a ridiculous sale on Glycines from, and got this beauty for under $500:

    Name:  Glycine Combat Small.JPG
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    Next came my first (and still only) gold watch purchase. I already was impressed with Maurice Lacroix from my first one, and saw this one at a GM dealer for a crazy low price. It's now my only gold dress watch:

    Name:  Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Small.JPG
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    That brings me to the end of 2013. Whew! But things accelerated in 2014...

    P.S. One thing I would like to note is that all watch purchases come from disposable income for me; my wife and I both keep our own "mad money" funds, separate from everything else, to use however we like. If the money isn't available in that fund, nothing gets bought...

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    Waiting for the next chapters

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFR View Post
    Waiting for the next chapters

    The Ball is probably my favorite watch in your stash, mlcor. Such an exquisite dial on that one.

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