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Thread: $$$$ WRUW Wednesday 1st march 2017 $$$$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM75 View Post
    Thank you iyonk! I found an original UG buckle and had the straps custom made for the watch. It's made from a WWI rifle strap, so the leather is over 100 years old.

    Here's the other side...

    Woahhh!!! Thats just pure AMAZING!!!
    Beyond cool and thanks for sharing man!

    And a true testimoni that a good leather strap could last very long.. Awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by watchdaddy1 View Post
    Thanks Alex, you keep pulling out these beautiful vintages. the UG amazing dial too.
    Another 1 of my must haves & a pie pan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM75 View Post
    Amazing shot and I love the dial detail.
    Thank you, it's a fairly unique piece, even for Rado.

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