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Thread: What we learnt from 2014

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    What we learnt from 2014

    I started accumulating watches about 15 months ago; by the middle of the year I discovered I had more than I was comfortable with, that I have to keep to single figures. I got rid of a couple and stopped buying just anything that caught my eye.

    Instead I learnt how to let desires slowly focus themselves, how to let them test themselves against time and competition from other things I might want. I got my last watch in mid-September and now have another on the way, and I have been consistently happy with my collection for about six months, usually wearing each watch for a few days at a time
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    This was my 2013, minus the selling because I only pretend bought all the watches that caught my eye.

    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    It taught me that you can, *as good as*, give up something (the buying of at least I'm talking !), only to be tempted back into it at a moment's notice.

    But I picked up two , three .... oh shit FOUR watches I really like, so it's all good.

    (And no, IWL wasn't the reason, I just got the urge again shortly before IWL came into being)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post

    (And no, IWL wasn't the reason, I just got the urge again shortly before IWL came into being)
    I can vouch for the veracity of this claim

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    Become one with the watch and learn to enjoy more than just the hunt.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
    Groucho Marx

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    Watches you could only dream about (40 years ago) can be yours one day, eventually... (Omega Speedmaster Mk II and Omega flightmaster, in my case). And you still like them.
    Stubbornness at its best!

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    There's a direct relationship between forum activity, especially research driven activity, and watch purchases.

    I bought about three watches between getting bored with WUS and Jeannie letting me know that this place was kicking off. Suddenly in the last couple of months I have a couple of watches, a couple of pocket watches and a slightly increasing number of aircraft clocks. Thanks IWL.

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    Not sure exactly what I learned, but it's all laid out in my other thread. I did learn that I like having different watches to wear. Not exactly an earth shaker. But, although an examination of what I've bought might indicate that I am all over the place, I think there is a common thread. Mostly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    and a slightly increasing number of aircraft clocks. Thanks IWL.
    I learnt I still want a MIG/Chs clock , dunno why , but I do think they're cool.

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    That's 'cause they ARE cool.

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