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Thread: Online Speedmaster catalogue

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    Online Speedmaster catalogue

    Omega launches online catalogue showing 60 Speedmaster models. Interesting.

    Just out of curiosity, you may notice the model CK2998 (1959) is presented on a period incorrect watch strap. It's interesting to realize how strong the influence of the new "vintage" straps created by current watch blogs have on Omega.

    I've never seen an Omega catalogue from the 40s to the 70s where a watch - any watch - was presented on a simple stitched strap, from the factory. But of course, I may have missed a few...

    Please, don't get me wrong: I like those straps and I wear them. But I'm afraid the "vintage" designation is, currently, misleading.

    Here's an excellent thread showing old advertisements and you won't find a single "vintage" strap there...
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