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Thread: ***** WRUW - JANUARY 2015 *****

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    ***** WRUW - JANUARY 2015 *****

    Happy new year Everybody!!!! hope we all get a full of blessing Year!!

    lets try a MONTHLY WRUW... let's see how it works... we'll never know if we never try =)

    wearing this one this lovely mornin'

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    Happy 2015 everyone.... Wearing this newly acquired Mudman...

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    Happy New Year.
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    Happy New Year
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    No G... But I like this watch..
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    G9300. Have a great Friday.
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    Happy New Year, IWL!


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    enjoying these...
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    ***** WRUW - JANUARY 2015 *****

    GWF T1030A today :-) Great weekend fellas

    GWF T1000BS yesterday :-)
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    This one today. Have a great Saturday.
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