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Thread: Bad Seller: thewatchexchange

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    Bad Seller: thewatchexchange

    I've recently had a bad experience with an eBay seller called thewatchexchange. I bought a TAG Heuer F1 alarm from him, the auction listing was lacking in details. He said it would fit an 8" wrist when in fact it was doubtful that it would fit a 6" wrist. they also said it would be cleaned and polished prior to sending, it had more DNA on the back than an episode of C.S.I also a watch box was promised but never supplied!
    All this being said they did have a return policy for any reason, just return for full refund, great I thought. I sent it back the same day, he received it at 12.30pm, by 8pm no refund so I enquired as to when it would happen, he told me when he gets back to the office later that night! so I wait, and sure enough at just after midnight I got the the form of an e-cheque! oh hell, I know these things take a week to clear! so basically he emptied his paypal account even before making sure his customer is happy and won't need a refund! so now on day 6 and still waiting for the e-cheque to clear, I've had to put a hold on any purchases.

    oh and by the way he has already relisted and sold the watch I returned even b4 my refund has completed!

    personally I would avoid this seller!
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