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Thread: State of my collection: My Art Watches

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    State of my collection: My Art Watches

    These are the ones that cause commotion.

    My DeWitt Academia Sequential Chronographe with a case crafted of titanium, 18K gold, and rubber.

    My B.R.M. a French company owned by a racing enthusiast. Watches are made in Switzerland of all Swiss manufactured parts.

    My Angular Momentum which is more art than watch and can steal the show in the right crowds.

    My Helberg CH-1, which has garnered more comments than any of my other watches.

    My Oakley Minuteman in all titanium.

    Hope you enjoyed it.
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    That's a rather... interesting and eclectic collection you have there.

    How big are your wrists? That B.R.M. looks just a tad oversized at that angle.

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    It is far more than a tad oversized. It is huge. The ttwo large watches are really just for special events, and they are fun.

    The Hellberg has been worn daily and it is fine for that, and the DeWitt is normal sized but for dress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M. Montaigne View Post
    That's a rather... interesting and eclectic collection you have there.
    +1 .. bravo that man there . very interesting, thanks for sharing them...

    (You are sharing them aren't you ? I'll PM my address over )

    How big are your wrists?
    Ignore him Gary , he always says that

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    Great group, looking forward to seeing the rest of your collection.

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    you must have a wallet as big as your b*lls

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    One of the most unique collections I have ever seen. Very nice.
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    I do like a thread that gets me googling brands that are new to me, thanks for sharing.
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    Very, very cool. I like funky, artsy watches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob View Post
    Very, very cool. I like funky, artsy watches.
    i'm not sure i would want to lay out that kind of money for something that was perceived to be 'funky and artsy' , unless it was a 'banksy' or 'warhol ' they certainly make a statement -obviously they are watches that are worn to be seen like any artwork and not worn shyly under the cuff

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