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Thread: Have you seen this watch lair?

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    Have you seen this watch lair?

    Forget watch boxes, this guy has a watch room:;id=74499

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    That's freakin' cool! I want one. Sadly, any free space we have in our house is now packed to the brim with baby toys...not watches.
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    Wow. I have a watch shelf in my library. I'll take a picture when I get home. Of course, my library, my watch shelf, nor my collection has anything on this guys! Thanks for sharing.

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    Quite impressive.

    In my case, the books get all the space...
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    Sweet. I'd love to have the space to devote to a room like that. But then as much as I'd like everything on display, that means it would be easier for the wife to count them all!

    Quote Originally Posted by chicago View Post
    That's freakin' cool! I want one. Sadly, any free space we have in our house is now packed to the brim with baby toys...not watches.
    Oh man can I ever relate to that

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    spectacular collection of watches and home obviously -i wonder if its the guy that had the racing Heurs in those glass cabinet 'thingies' sometime last year [ in another place ]- bought them all in a very short time if you remember - perhaps not -this guy seems to have a genuine horological interest rather than the need to acquire a quick collection at all costs - love the fact he is a 'Seiko nut ' alongside some of those pieces - as he should be of course jealousy is a terrible affliction , !!! note to myself , do the lottery on Wednesday !!!!!

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    I remember seeing a watch lair of some Russian dude who had insane watch displays in his home. It was like visiting a museum.

    Sadly, can't find the link.

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    Our own watchdaddy1 has a room that's not too shabby...

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    Wow...just wow. You see some guys with a lot of nice watches but this is on another level.

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    I have my own room too, except I call it the closet........
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