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Thread: Photos of your watches in water (literally)

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    Photos of your watches in water (literally)

    Come on, I want to see these 20ATMs being put to use. Here's a start:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    Why? 200m WR says it can take a dunk, I gave it a dunk

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    Does this count

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chase View Post
    Does this count

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    Come on, I want to see these 20ATMs being put to use. Here's a start:


    Nice watch, but that's not putting the watch to use!!
    Use it for real diving. When a watch is capable of more then 20atm I take it on a dive,... unfortunately no photo's will make some next time.

    btw. Great idea for a topic.

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    My next thread will be entitled 100m WR: What Is It Actually Good For?

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    its a little blurry but....

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    I'll throw up a few for your aquatic pleasure...

    Vintage Tudor 7804

    Vintage KonTiki

    Hamilton Pulsar "P2"
    Hamilton Pulsar dress series

    Vintage Casio...DW1000
    Zodiac SeaWolf

    Vintage Orient King Diver

    Casio G7800P

    Vintage Tudor Ranger II Prince Oysterdate
    Casio G300 Streetrider

    Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue
    Tudor3 - Copy.jpg
    Casio GLX5600
    Swatch Turquoise Rebel
    Turq Rebel swim 1.jpg
    GLX salmon swim 2.jpg
    Timex WS4
    WS4 swim.jpg


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