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Thread: 1968 Seiko Skyliner 6100-8000

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    1968 Seiko Skyliner 6100-8000

    Finally I've got watch, new strap and decent daylight at the same place at the same time

    Details about movement, where this model fitted into the Seiko range in the 60s etc to follow - right now I'm just thrilled to get a couple of decent photos at all!

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    Looks like it's in great shape. Congrats on the new addition.

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    Some more photos....

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    At last I realised why the logo so often doesn't look very sharp in the photos: its not sitting on the surface of the dial, but is slightly held up in the air:

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    Never seen that before!

    Finally, here's a not very good picture which at least allows you to see how thinly tapered the edge of the case is:

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    Very nice Ric i shall look forward to seeing it . DW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJW GB View Post
    Very nice Ric i shall look forward to seeing it . DW.

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    Beautiful!!! very sweet looking seiko =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iyonk View Post
    Beautiful!!! very sweet looking seiko =)
    This comment says so much about my taste in watches: I was thinking how strong and masculine it looked comparison with some of my other watches...

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyscrappyheropup View Post
    Looks like it's in great shape. Congrats on the new addition.
    The Skyliner was definitely several rungs down the Seiko ladder in the 1960s, and I've paid a lot less for Seikos of the same era - pretty sure that what I've paid for is the condition, and the condition is making me very happy

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    From this wonderful Seiko Branding Dictionary:

    Skyliner: (Sub-brand) - A line of Manual watches made in various styles, from classic dress watches to more edgy designs later on, offered during the 1960ís. The Skyliner sub-brand was introduced in 1961 using the 402 caliber. This particular Skyliner is a no-nonsense hand-windable dress watch without date. At the time, the Skyliner sub-brand was positioned as a cheaper alternative to the Liner sub-brand, with Skyliners priced at around �6,000 and Liners at around �7,500, which was in the medium range of Seiko at the time. The Liner sub-brand also had a broader range with both 21j and 23j calibers and 14K gold cases. The 402 caliber is also a simplification and continuation of the Liner 3140 caliber from 1960. The Skyliner brand was also used in the mid 60s on a few 62XX watches with a quite modern design and in the late 60s on dress watches with the 61XX caliber.
    So, kind of SARB-y for its day

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    Very sharp looking watch. It is one of the reasons why vintage is so appealing. Many brands were able to pull off that attractive look.

    Thank you for sharing!


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