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Thread: Is It Really Legal To Publish Your Own James Bond Book In Canada Now?

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    Is It Really Legal To Publish Your Own James Bond Book In Canada Now?

    Is It Really Legal To Publish Your Own James Bond Book In Canada Now?

    As of 2015, James Bond is entering the public domain in Canada. But he's still copyrighted in the United States and Europe — so what does that mean? Can Canadians create their own adventures of 007 and sell them as long as they stay North of the Border?

    io9 talked to some law experts, to find out.

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    Sherlock Holmes has been in the same boat, waiting to see if book/film rights are exercised there too.

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    Hmm, not sure if I like this idea or not. Writing a Bond story can be tricky and opening the floodgates like this leaves one open to all sorts of attempts, both good and bad. On the upside, perhaps we'll have a few decent Bond novels after the last three. Although, I have very high hopes for Anthony Horowitz's oo7 book due out later this year.
    Sebastian Faulk's effort was basically 432 pages where not much happens, Jeffrey Deaver rebooted Bond a little too vigorously, thus creating something with little resemblance to the Bond I know and love, and William Boyd's tale was, sadly, not up to par either.


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    I enjoy Bond, but not enough to read him, I just enjoy the cinematic. So, this Canadian will wait for the Canadian Bond movie.

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    The legality of it all aside, I think it would be great if 007 were now available for all and anyone to use to write stories.

    007 is an archetypical figure, the portrayal of his person is not limited to any one actor, etc.
    Nor should he and his exploits be limited to the imagination of one brain (Fleming's).

    Because 007 is an archetypical figure, every other story out there about a man who "fights evil" is a "James Bond story" anyway, each with its own twist. 'Mission Impossible' (Tom Cruise), etc.
    I hear there is a new P Brosnan movie coming out - Friday Man or something? - which is essentially a "Bond" story.

    I say: let more minds work on this, using the Bond logo, and let the best stories win all the Hollywood contracts.

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