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Thread: dial vs money

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    dial vs money

    I find myself in a little dilemma.

    There's a watch I want and I am on the verge of completing the order except something has come up.
    An alternative version (different dial colour) has been offered to me for something like 30% cheaper than the dial version I was going to buy.

    Note while I do like, want and had planned to get the original dial, that 30% equates to about 900-1000.

    Some things to consider.
    I had never really considered buying the low offer dial.
    Some of my want for the watch us because I don't have the movement in it so I could just get the originally considered dial colour on a different model.
    Both watches are new.

    It really is dial vs money.

    Have any of you faced this sort of thing before? If so, how did you deal with it?

    (I'll name the watch after hearing a few thoughts as the watch might affect the objectiveness of responses)

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    To me, this seems to be a matter of aesthetic satisfaction, not just a different dial.
    If so, the objective is satisfaction, and you're paying that extra $$ for some specific satisfaction, NOT for the dial per se - which in this case, is entirely irrelevant in and of itself, but relevant SOLELY as one of the elements in the necessary medium of delivery in said satisfaction.

    To conflate the two - satisfaction and dial - would lead one to erroneously find oneself in a quandary over something like, "pasta or steak?" just because both are served on plates.
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    I'd go for the cheaper ones considering everything is the sane excep the dial color,get the originally wanted dial color on different model

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    Personally I would go for the cheaper of the two. If the worst comes to the worst then I would think you could swap the dial to the alternative for less than you will save on the initial purchase.
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    It is only a good deal if you actually want the thing you end up with.

    30% off something you don't want, is still something you were not going to buy.

    Maybe a picture might help to show the degree of difference.
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    Depends on your financial situation and how much you prefer one dial to the other. Example: the skyfall AT in blue is my preference, but I have 3 blue dials already and if the grey is 30% cheaper I'd buy it in a flash. But if the dial was orange then I wouldn't buy it for 70% off. Well, maybe, but you get me.
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    I would be hard pressed to settle for the cheap dial even though a grand is a big chunk of change.

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    Would having the original dial or saving the money bring you more satisfaction and peace of mind?

    Once things are in your possession, you get to see many aspects of them that you would not have noticed upon viewing them once or twice. Who knows? You may come to prefer the color of the second dial after a while.

    I hope you feel good about whatever you decide.

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    i would go the lower cost route unless the alternate color is gray/silver or blue or red and than the cost would have to be 50% so i could change the dial.

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    Take a step back and consider both for a few days. You don't want something that you feel you've compromised on. Also you don't want something you feel ripped off on. So there's my non-answer answer.

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