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Thread: Show us your Modifications

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    Show us your Modifications

    Here's the place to show us any cool mods you've done.

    I'll start with a very simple but fun mod on an F91W.

    This is called the Hydro mod.

    It has a couple of practical purposes.
    First, it makes the F91 totally waterproof
    Secondly it takes away any refraction, therefore absolutely no glare!

    Right you need an F91 and you need to strip it, but leave the module in the case

    Now you need a bowl and some extra virgin olive oil

    Right, this is how this works...
    Olive oil does not conduct low voltage,
    It's non corrosive
    And it doesn't attack rubber.

    So what you want to do is stick the watch face with module in the olive oil

    Leave it in there for a while, and swirl it around a bit so the case totally fills with oil.

    Now lower the back into the oil and hold it firmly against the case so you don't loose oil.

    Take it out and screw the back down

    The oil is thick enough that it won't seep past the seals, also because the case is full nothing else can get in.
    Hence water proof

    Also because there is no air gap between crystal and face there light can't bounce around all over the place, leaving you glare free.

    Now I don't swim with my watches so I didn't completely fill mine, so it had a funky effect

    You do have to spend quite a while washing in soapy water to get rid of the residue though!


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    That's cool!

    Sent from my GT-I9505

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    Very trick. Nice job.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
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    guess what I'm doing tonight
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    2 Custom Casio MDV-106 white dial/blue bezel

    Right after I finished making my own with the white band, another custom white dial w/ blue bezel turns up for sale for only $60. It is inexplicable that Casio never made this watch out of the stuff in the parts bin.

    And while they're at it, a red bezel with both black and white dials would sell well too.
    Green bezel with white dial too.

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    3 Rangeman modded to positive

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    Bought all of these on WUS f/29 from talented WUS members. I only changed the bands.

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    Still in the stable
    P3010005 by vinylgreek, on Flickr

    PA050228 by vinylgreek, on Flickr

    PB020130 by vinylgreek, on Flickr

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    Did you have a go at the hydro mod ITMW?

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    I've done a few mods. This started out as a Soki Sub copy:

    Name:  20140627_074344.jpg
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    This was a Bagelsport Sub:

    Name:  20140704_130438.jpg
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    Orient Mako w. Sapphire Crystal Mod (Black) - 1947 Tudor Oyster - 1921 'Claridge' - Some Seiko 5's of various ages - Vostok Amphibia Blue Scuba Dude - Modded Soki & Bagelsports - Modded Orient Chicane 'Explorient' - HMT White Pilot LE - Shanghai - Vintage Citizen from 1971 - Quartz Casio dress watch - Casio G-Shock (Not sure of model, silver with analog hands) - Otron digital watch from the 70's.

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