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Thread: How long is your honeymoon period with a new watch?

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    How long is your honeymoon period with a new watch?

    As per my previous threads I am the happy new owner of a Bremont MB2. It has now been on my wrist 12 days straight and I haven't felt the urge to go to the safe and start rotating with my other watches.
    Part of me thinks I should as MrsO may come to the conclusion i only need one watch and others are superfluous.
    I have briefly tried on the nylon strap but I am sticking to the original leather, so have not fiddled with appearance or anything for nearly 2 weeks, unusual as I used to swap twice a day.

    So my question is which watch has given you the longest honeymoon period when you have not felt the urge to rotate, or fiddle?

    To update a previous post on accuracy it is running a total of 9seconds slow after 12 days.
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    Three days is the longest, when I got my Breguet Marine. It still gets a disproportionate share of wrist time, but I'm fortunate to have a number of watches I really like a lot, so it would be very unusual for me to wear the same watch more than two days in a row unless I'm travelling.

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    This 'put to sleep' my other watches (except for an old Accurist that I used to wear when working in the garage), for about 4 years....
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    ...until I bought this:
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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    I usually go a week or two, mainly so I can judge accuracy.

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    My Vostok Amphibian Radio Room SE. Stayed on my wrist for several weeks in a row when I got it. Still one of my favorites.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    depends some about a week some a day or so some five minutes and then off to be flipped or modified lol all depends

    but even If I was to really like it a couple of days is the norm really like to have a choice of what to wear each morning new or old classical or modern

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    My Doxa TUSA stayed on for a month.... still may favourite watch in the box
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    Depends on the watch, but usually about 1-2 weeks. If it's a G Shock, maybe less (maybe not).
    Regards, T Bone

    Even a broken watch shows correct time once or twice a day. I ought to know, I have a few!

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    Just finished polishing the lugs; never liked the brushed finish. Put a black leather band, and I must say I can't take my eyes off it.


    If you come to a fork in the road; take it, and then put it down so someone else can use it.

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    Usually anywhere from a few days to a week or two. Except these:
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    The King Diver went about six years on my wrist 24/7/365.

    Name:  THCB steel1 2.jpg
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    This one made it a couple of months.

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