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Thread: How wide a range of sizes would you wear?

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    How wide a range of sizes would you wear?

    When I started with watches, I basically only shopped in the 36mm-40mm range. I am starting to like both bigger and smaller watches. I am planning on buying a little 33mm vintage Smith's this year and I am getting parts together for a 47mm 3646 vintage homage build. Currently though I have a 36mm (Fossil and vintage Olma) to 44mm (AVI-8 chrono and Casio MDV106) range.

    So that brings me to my question of what range of watch sizes will you wear?
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    39-42 for me
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    I used to have a 44mm diver and wore that alongside my 38mm nomos. They actually have the same crystal/dial size though - such is the nature of a 3/4mm bezel on the diver, and essentially none on the dress watch. They wore similarly. However the 42mm FC moonphase wears much too big. Design is much more important than case size. I don't have a wide range at the moment though.
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    My Dad's Wyler is 33mm and it wears a tad small on my smallish 6.5 inch wrist. At the other end of the spectrum, I have a 44mm Hamilton Khaki that I wear from time to time for the sheer ridiculousness of its size on my wrist. 'Cos ya can't take this watch collecting thang too seriously, kids.
    Aside from those two, most of my collection sits in the 36mm to 42mm range. For dress watches, I prefer 35 to 38mm. For divers and Chronographs, I prefer 40 to 42mm.
    And while I'm here, I think 44mm is as large as any watch needs to be, but I'll allow two more mil for WWII-styled pilot's watches.
    Which I couldn't wear.


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    40 - 45 !... any excuse to show this:

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    I've got Omega on the book ends. 34mm vintage Omega to 45.5mm Omega Planet Ocean 8500.

    In between a 35, a 39, a 40, a 41.5 and a 44

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    to 50mm

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    34mm-44mm. Preference: 38mm-42mm

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