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Thread: Why do companies use mineral glass?

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    Why do companies use mineral glass?

    I have never understood why companies switched from plexi to mineral glass crystals. Acrylic is cheaper, looks better IMHO and you can polish scratches out. Why did companies switch? I understand sapphire but I can't figure out mineral glass.

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    Cost (when compared to Sapphire)
    To make watches thinner (when compared to Plexi)

    (imho )

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    Used to be a selling / marketing ploy back in the day "scratch resistant mineral glass" Oooohhhh wow, really? Actually, it can be argued that there are some pro's: less likely to shatter compared to sapphire and more scratch resistant than plastic.

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    But because of the doming usually built in one could argue that the plexi's are tougher to an extent.

    But when bash comes to bash you'll break all of them

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    It's mostly just cranky enthusiasts like us that like plexiglass, most watch buyers will regard it as cheap and old-fashioned.

    The same buyers probably won't distinguish between sapphire and mineral but would be quick to say "It's plastic? 500 and it's plastic?!" if the salesman pointed it out.

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    In my experience, mineral glass is the worst of both worlds. I scratch it, but I can't polish it. I haven't scratched sapphire, and I can easily polish acrylic. Mineral glass isn't a deal killer, but it's not high on my list of good things.

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    I have a couple of vintage pieces that have mineral glass but on a new watch it is a deal breaker for me.

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    I think it's only because it's cheaper than sapphire.

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    Easy to correct any scratches, but I always prefer sapphire and it is a deal breaker for me too.
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    Oft mentioned in Seiko threads mineral glass is the BEST choice. For me mineral glass is just a cost compromise, plexi and sapphire make much more sense depending on the intended use.
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