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Thread: Where do you buy your Beijings?

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    Where do you buy your Beijings?

    For new ones.... I've seen their site ( Looks like there is some semblance of a shopping cart, but member login doesn't seem to go through https so I don't think I'd really want to buy there.

    Then there is ebay.... handful of various sellers. Not really dug into any of them yet....initial pointers would be cool if you can.

    For vintage ones, well, just know the bay.

    Any tips/recommendations on Beijing Watch procurement?

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    Easiest source is Jun, Both on the web and on ebay:

    A bit strange in his communication, but very trustworthy.

    A bit more difficult to navigate, unless you speak Chinese are the tmall and taobao stores. If you don't have a Chinese bank account, you could use an agent to buy here.

    If you need more info on this route, I might be able to assist you.

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    Cool, thanks, Martin. I think I should be OK to navigate through (I don't like simplified characters tho). I'll see how far I get, appreciate the offer to help.

    Great links, checking them out now!


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    Ric Capucho
    Straight to Jun Liao! Bought many watches off him over the years. A bit grumpy, but a trustworthy source of Beijings and other premium chinese watches.


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    i had good experiences with Times international/Good stuffs.

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    What the !!??

    Seen it all now...

    No, wait a minute, NOW I've seen it all

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    I guess you know where the lightswitch is :-)

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    Odd as to why such a well respected company has so few outlets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strela167 View Post
    Odd as to why such a well respected company has so few outlets
    Did read an article where they stated they only focus on sales domesticly. So guess it is just a few enthusiasts that import to Europe.

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    Worth noting on Jun, that he seems to have some method of getting the watches into Europe. The 2 Shanghais I bought from Good-Stuffs were both dispatched from within the UK, which happily meant no customs worries

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