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Thread: A repost: SBGX115 picture review

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    A repost: SBGX115 picture review

    This hobby of a strange and particular one.
    So many many nuances.
    I find myself having 'daring' enough tastes...yet I have the most boring of brands (mikeyrolex anyone?)

    Grand Seiko. So polarizing.
    Grand Seiko quartz? What the heck...? Why would anybody pay that much for a Seiko? Much less a quartz?
    Yet...the ownership of a GS..especially a GS one that defines this crazy hobby of ours for me.
    Wearing this new arrival...looking at it in different lights...

    Owning a GS is about accepting & loving the timepiece as a whole. Its not about the movement...the fit...finishing...the name...the value anymore.
    I stare at it...not to look at the time..or admire the different contours and edges on it..or to look at the hands moving..
    I can't stop looking because it is that alluring. I am paying that much..because it is a damn good watch...and a very fine looking...shall I say it..beautiful timepiece.

    look at that white! look at the full raised markers!

    it just shimmers

    Absolutely spectacular.

    The bracelet/clasp system is way kickarse too

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    it's a fabulous thing. Quality in spades, from the movement to the finish.

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    Nicely said!

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    Just beautiful

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylacroix View Post
    Absolutely spectacular.

    My God it really is, isn't it?! That dial is just gorgeous - so dark - inky black.
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    I love a white dial with a black bezel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
    I love a white dial with a black bezel!
    A bit of a fan myself...... well, black, at least !
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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    Beautiful watch sir. May she give you many years.

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    Love the dial, but not a fan of the font used for the bezel numbers, very cartoonish.

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    I little thread necromancy here.

    With a date (I wouldn't need to set it very often) and in Ti (keep it light-weight), I think this would be a perfect grab-and-go watch for me.

    Yet even with those cons, I still keep thinking about it.

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