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Thread: Do you have a favourite brand?

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    Do you have a favourite brand?

    And if so why - care to make a case for it?
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    in the affordable section i have 3 favourite brands :
    1) Casio :
    cheap, reliable, packed with functions you (never) might use, i love the "illuminator", G-shock's are my beaters of choice for when it get's rough. The melody watch was my first watch and first Casio. My entire childhood and boyhood (in the '80's) was dominated by Casio's, i used to spend all my money on every new model that came out

    2) Swatch :
    cheap, reliable, i love to hunt for NOS cos a lot of small-town jewelers (i like to go on NOS-hunt for any brand there) might have some old models sitting in the back. Sometimes they have interesting movements like the Sistem 51, the 23 jewels ETA-automatic, ETA C01.211 (actually it's the modern version of the Lemania 5100) the 15 jewels ETA autoquartz, the ETA 7750, tourby's and so on and so on...As a teen in the early '90's a Swatch was THE watch to have, i had uncountable Swatches then, and i still own a huge pile of unworn NOS today.

    3) Seiko :
    ideal "i need a fix right now"-watches. They always exceed my expectations when it comes to quality and finish (related to the price). They have such a wide range of models that it's near impossible not to like at least one model.

    With high-end watches i have no favourites...

    kind regards,
    Inca Bloc
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    No. I pride myself on having no bias and own a wide variety of brands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domo View Post
    No. I pride myself on having no bias and own a wide variety of brands

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    No , I have several (right now) .... off the top of my head:

    Nivrel: cos they make exceedingly nice watches.
    Davosa: Happiness is a watch called Davosa.
    Junghans: Junghans reaches the parts other watches cannot.

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    Was my first "nice" watch. Some might say my only "nice" watch. So it's a brand I would gravitate toward, and perhaps buy over higher end brands in a similar price range. (tho now that I know more I likely would not but the feeling is still there).

    Nothing more scientific than that, I'm afraid.

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    Is the question only interested in companies as they are in their current state?

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    Probably Omega

    honorable mentions

    Stowa, Junghans,Sinn, Archimede and Helson
    Regards Cam

    Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster 3510.50, Oris 1965 Diver, Tissot Visodate, Junghans Max Bill Auto, Helson Blackbeard, Seiko PADI Turtle, Tag Heuer F1

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    Omega and Grand Seiko for me

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    I'd have to go with Omega, too; simply because I like a majority of their range/models (past & present). Though, of late, I'm going through an IWC 'phase'
    Not much of 'a case' I know; but, "I like" is case enough for me.
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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