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Thread: What distinguishes the PROSPEX line from the upper end Seiko 5?

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    What distinguishes the PROSPEX line from the upper end Seiko 5?

    As the title sez.

    Other than the difference of $200+ I cannot see the difference.
    Please enlighten me.

    Fit and finish? Not convincing.
    Movement? Often the same: 4Rxx -- which IS an excellent little bugger in any case.

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    Marketing hype maybe, as I too find them pretty much the same.
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    What distinguishes the PROSPEX line from the upper end Seiko 5?

    Remember that Marine Masters including the MM 600 SD are in the Prospex line. So there are many higher end models.

    In some models it is the difference between the point of manufacturing for the movement with the Prospex being from Japan and not other places in Asia. For some older models it was just the Black and yellow packaging. The blue box ones did not have Prospex tags. I had a few Sumo in the both the blue box and the black & yellow that indicated it was made in Japan. The ones in blue were built outside of Japan and the bezels never worked as good as the ones from Japan no matter what I did. I even tried the JDM bezel on a blue box one and it didn't fix it. So it was something withe the case. This was over four
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    If you're referring to the new expansion of the Prospex lineup and all the new international models, then the answer is "not much". Perhaps coz Prospexes are ISO rated? The extra ink on the dial for the logo? The better packaging? The cost of getting the collection out there worldwide? Novak Djokovic's paycheque?

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    There's not a lot separating the lower Prospex from the higher 5's.

    The only things I can think of are the Prospex models will always have at least 200m water resistance and all the other things that make them ISO rated divers, whereas the Seiko 5 dive watches are usually 100m. The other thing is that the Seiko 5 will always have the day but the Prospex doesn't necessarily have to.
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