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Thread: Seiko Diver's from the Philippines?

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    Seiko Diver's from the Philippines?

    Many offerings from there and all seem refurbished but cheaply priced?

    Would you buy or have you bought any and what's the thoughts. I'm looking to buy a 6309 with a 6105 dial and while I've seen a few the best price is from filipino sellers?

    Why so many from the Philippines?

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    I bought a 6039 a few years ago from one of the high volume listers there. It ran fine. The case condition I would put right on the line between good and fair. It had a lot of decent looking aftermarket parts. If you want original, a good case or one of the better restored ones you'll need to shop elsewhere.
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    In my opinion, get one with the most original parts in it. When it arrives, have it serviced with one of forum trusted service persons.
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    I think as long as you know it will have aftermarket parts then it'll be fine. I've got a 6309-7040 from one of the Philippine eBayer's and it runs fine, mine has an original dial, with everything else aftermarket. They're pretty good at mentioning in the ad what parts are original too.
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    I bought one of the 6309s from a Phillipines Ebayer and it ran fine for a very short time. It has been at Spencer Kleins waiting for its turn on his bench. Servicing the movement, changing a few parts to nos Seiko originals and then back to me. I am putting a bracelet on it and giving it to my son. He was born in November of 1987 as was this watch.
    I think I did okay for what I paid for the watch.My son will enjoy it and it will be his first automatic.

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