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Thread: My current small collection...and how I got here.

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    My current small collection...and how I got here.

    In order of purchase .

    I started with Victorinox, I have had a couple and I got this when my previous one had a high impact meeting with a tile floor.
    It still serves me well and is my beach watch.

    Next to arrive was my Breitling, this was my first automatic and purchased at the end of my first year of my new business.
    I had been lurking on WUS and reading a couple of review sites.
    I went to NYC with a list of maybe 6 I fancied and did not like any of them in the flesh.
    Breitling was not on my radar until I saw this...

    This is the one I have played around most with strap changing as it alters the character so much...

    A solid year went by of reading and now posting, I was back in NYC and had a great time in Wempe, and walked out the door with my Tudor Blackbay.

    I suppose I felt an urge to have something that was a bit more less common and fell for a MM300. Had a pretty easy time dealing with Higuchi on line and this arrived in May.

    By now I am reading and looking on a daily basis and the feeling to add more is quite strong, if you ever get that don't go on a Carribean cruise as there are more watches to be seen in some of these ports than you would believe.
    MrsO was the happy recipient of a Datejust and I got my Bremont. With great will power we kept these under wraps for 4 months and have been enjoying them since Christmas.

    I have posted recently how pleased I am with my MB2 and if you are in the market I would say for me it has been a great buy. There was some Bremont negativity last year but their main non-limited edition models are solid and well made.

    For the future I have a Kickstarter purchase that all being well should get to me in the summer...

    After this I am trying to hold off until a big birthday and save up for .....well I am sure the object of my desire will change several times between now and then but currently I like Geophysic and GSOTM.

    Comments and recommendations welcome, thanks for reading.

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    Very nice collection, very well thought out! The jump from Victorinox to Breitling is impressive!

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    A very impressive collection, both individually and as a whole. I hope it continues to give you a lot of pleasure!


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    I love to read peoples journey into collecting & how they arrived where they are today...Thanks for sharing
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    on their behalf.....



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    Very nice. That SOH looks fantastic in blue!

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    Always nice to know the motivation behind each acquisition

    I would proudly wear any of these watches (SOH and BB as favorites). Thanks for sharing,
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    Nice Mark! i love the SOH and Black Bay as well.
    Regards Cam

    Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster 3510.50, Oris 1965 Diver, Tissot Visodate, Junghans Max Bill Auto, Helson Blackbeard, Seiko PADI Turtle, Tag Heuer F1

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    Great collection, thanks for sharing.
    Grand Seiko SBGR053 Nomos Tangomat Datum ​Tudor Pelagos ​Grand Seiko SBGA011

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    That's a stunning Breitling. I think your next watch should be a classic dress watch. What say you?

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    Not bad, not bad....SBGE001 next I think

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