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Thread: WRUW - Monday - 31 July 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post

    Good morning IWL
    That's nice.
    Solve all your doubts through question mode.

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    Browsing WatchRecon to see if there is anything on there I really want more than the one on the wrist...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    Hopefully your pay starts rolling in soon.

    That suede looks great!
    Thank you Henry.. so you would need one in 22mm or 20mm?
    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    Quote Originally Posted by iyonk View Post
    Thank you Henry.. so you would need one in 22mm or 20mm?
    ... I couldn't say. I might have something new coming in that might look good on suede...
    Solve all your doubts through question mode.

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    Last night's thunderstorms and tornadoes cooled things down a bit. It's only supposed to be in the mid- twenties today. 1935 on Iyonk Horween all standing on some matched Fluevogs.

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    Solve all your doubts through question mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garydusa View Post

    LOVE that strap!

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    LLD on Drunkn Art Canvas

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    People sleep peaceably in their beds @ night ONLY because rough men stand ready to do VIOLENCE
    on their behalf.....



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    One more day with the Tropic Diver Blue.



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