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Thread: Orient Guitar watches

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    Orient Guitar watches

    I received a Orient JDM catalog today. Have you seen the guitar watches? These are pretty cool. The second hand is a Tremolo bar, the 12 is a pick...way cool.

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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Pretty cool! They need a drum watch
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    That's really cool. Even the crowns are styled like tone/volume pots.

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    The names of great British festivals: Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, Wight, Dubai.

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    What the !!

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    Very trick.
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    I shouldn't, but I love it. I like the exposed stem works.

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    Dammit! Now I want one of these! Really cool. Should have added Monterrey instead of Coachella, but then I'm an old fart. Stll, that's a need idea for a timezone function.

    Holy moley! I just watched the video and the dial is actually wood. That's so cool.
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    Whoa! Kudos to Orient for their designs! I liked their WSi and motorsport designs, but this one is Supercool!

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