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Thread: The Chat Thread #3

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywatch View Post
    We live in an astonishing world. I hope people never forget that. I suspect the dolphins would have accepted you as a friendly competing neighbor who beat them to the feed. I think it's cool that the little shad (or whatever - herring, sardine?) did not see you as a predator and perhaps they were using you as camouflage. Even the prey show their own forms of intelligence.
    I had no fear of the predator, and yes it was very interesting that they prey fish felt I was no threat to them. I am pretty sure it is an experience I will never have again and thus will treasure both the uniqueness of the event and the oddness of it.
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    Eligibility for the second dose opened up for me yesterday and I found a nice lull in the crowds ( the health authority posts wait times at the various drive through/ walk in clinics) and am now fully vaccinated.
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    The last thing a Giraffe sees before being fed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    Hope everyone is ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mediocre View Post
    Hope everyone is ok
    No reports of injury.
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    That's Missouri in summer. A tornado warning is always just around the corner. One of the reasons I left. I'd trade snow storms for tornadoes any day.
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