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Thread: Good old faithful

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    Good old faithful

    There are probably a few threads on a similar vein, but let's re-live it:

    Plain and simple - Out of your whole current collection, which is your all time (so far) favourite?

    Mine?, I've said it before perhaps, but this one:

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    Reason: I just freakin' love it

    What's yours ?

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    No contest:
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    Coming up to 17 years of ownership, and still like it as much as when I bought it.
    Note to self: Take a better picture !
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    Must be this one:

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    My SMP 2255 mod
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    Water shot
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    Also my SMP chrono which I've had for 18 years.
    Chrono on top
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexvil View Post
    Also my SMP chrono which I've had for 18 years. Pic later
    you have to pick just one, better make that cruel decision , one's gonna hate you for it.

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    Don't feel happy giving the title Old Faithful to something I've only had for fourteen months....

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    That's a tough one. For me, I think I would have to go with the RGM TZLE.

    It's an amazing and understated watch. Exceptionally thin and with a twin barrel Lemania movement in it, it keeps great time.

    What is funny about this watch is that I am not a huge fan of the dial. It's not that I don't like it but more that I see so much potential in the watch to make it better. So much that I bought a second copy of the watch (of which there were less than 49 produced based on my conversations with RGM) with the purpose of having RGM make a guilloche dial for the second one. Also, the second copy I bought had the beautiful engraved rotor which I find more interesting than the stainless steel rotor on my first copy. There was actually a third variation of the rotors produced in gold with Geneva stripes.

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    Now, that's a nice one
    I actually like the dial , but I do have an Epos with 'similar' dial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seriously View Post
    you have to pick just one, better make that cruel decision , one's gonna hate you for it.
    Can I give the chrono back to my wife, anniversary gift from long ago? But either way if I had to keep only one it would by the 2255 as modded.

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    Hmmm. I've been staring at this thread for fifteen minutes, thinking about what would be my favourite watch, and I can honestly say I don't have one individual favourite. I have a favourite dive watch, two favourite dress watches, a favourite vintage LED, and LCD, a favourite G-Shock, and so on. But even narrowing it down to just a few favourites, it's difficult to choose just one of those as an overarching, single favourite. Maybe I have to think about it some more....

    EDIT: I guess, upon reflection, I'd have to go with my King Diver:
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    Name:  King Diver4 copy.jpg
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    Not least due to our lengthy relationship: 38 years and counting.

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