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Thread: Bidirectional bezels?

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    Bidirectional bezels?

    Does anyone still make watches with bidirectional bezels like the old Rolex bezels? Not like the Amphibians where the can rotate freely but a system where you have to press down on the bezel to rotate them.

    Just curious cause I hate unidirectional bezels.

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    I have a couple bi-directionals...but no locking rotating system, just turn left or right.

    Damasko DA45
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    Omega Baby Ploprof
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    And of course you could go to an internal bezel...Hammy Navy, rare blue version
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    A regular Ploprof has a bi-directional button that you press the orange button to turn

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    Think the PolProf has one, with a release button.
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    I have a few bi-directionals. They sure do take the stress out of being anal retentive.

    And some watches that are uni, I took off the ring inside to make them bi - especially if there was any error in the alignment.

    Unless the alignment is perfect, a uni - is a P in the A to live with. And let's face it, somewhere along the circumference, somebody is always gonna be a bit off.

    This came bi- : Aristo pilot.

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    Squale features a push-down bi-directional bezel...

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    My Damasko is also bi-directional, which makes perfect sense since I ordered the 1-12 bezel to use as an inexpensive and easy second time zone. I wear it on planes for overseas trips so I don't smash up my JLC Hometime, which stays safe in its case until I've landed.

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    Are you talking only on dive watches
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    Yeah, probably not what you're talking about, but Breitling's Navitimer has a bi directional bezel. Not a diving or timing bezel though, it's part of the E6B flight computer.
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    Not in current production, the Porsche Design P6780 (or it's predecessor Eterna KonTiki Diver) has an internal bidirectional bezel. Diver heresy, I hear you say, but no! .... the diver unlocks the case from the titanium cage and tips up the case to unlock the bezel. Once the bezel is set, the case drops back into the cage and the bezel is locked so no danger of mistiming your dive accidentally (not pushing the limits of your gas is another thing entirely....)

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