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Thread: Friday 14/12/2014- What Are You Wearing?

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    Friday 14/11/2014- What Are You Wearing?

    I thought I'd spell out the thread title in its entirety. Here's what I had on today;

    Needless to say, an eventful start to my day.

    Have a great weekend, all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrema View Post
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    I don't usually care for blacked out watches but I'll make an exception for that one. Nice!


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    Friday 14/12/2014- What Are You Wearing?

    Changed my mind and went with white dial

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    Seamaster Aqua Terra.

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    @ Teeritz.

    This surprised me the other day, I'm sure you know because you're a big James Bond fan.

    First Bond Car- apparently Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, never knew Ian Fleming wrote this book.

    The Baron in the Chitty movie is the baddie in Goldfinger.

    Lastly, the old "Q" plays an old Scrap Dealer in the Chitty movie.

    Seen the movie plenty of times and never clicked.

    Modern for me today, Hirsch on 300.

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    Vintage Constellation for me today

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