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Thread: What would you buy for 350

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    What would you buy for 350

    I spend too much on watches that take my fancy, so I was thinking ill save up the money I would usually randomly spend and shell out 350 to 400 on one good watch.

    400 is the highest figure I would feel comfortable spending on one watch (any more would be beyond my reasonable means)

    So you have up to 400 or roughly $600 for our US friends on ONE watch what would you buy?

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    Seiko Alpinist

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    Yeah, any of Eddie's watches would be a good bet

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    Kemmner ! , quite a few there within your budget - could even get a turtle (like wot I've got ) for 406

    Great watches , I've got 4 or 5
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    BY THE WAY, go direct to him via email , his non-ebay prices are cheaper and he's quite happy to deal outside of ebay.
    His email is in the listings.
    He also will supply variations on watches if you ask nicely
    Let me know if I help , I've dealt with him loads.

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    Lot of cool choices, the Strella is lovely and the kemners are pretty sweet too!

    It's going to take me a few months to get this kinda dough together so keep the inspiration coming.

    Other watches I quite like are

    Vintage Omega

    Small but stunning

    Tissot PRC200

    Looked at a couple of entry level Tag's but unimpressed.

    Also a simply amazing looking poljot

    As you can guess my taste is all over the place, but this is going to be my no1 piece so whatever I get it has to make me spend more time looking at it than checking the time!

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    any of the Russian chronos is worth a look they are going up in price daily

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    Brand new today, via USPS

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    That is very nice

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