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Thread: **** your favourite watch pics ****

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    some more of my fav

    you got to have a shot of a cwc on a map it's a must

    a fine watch so got to be some fine literature ...

    and at times you got to let your hair down and have a bit of fun ...

    one night I dreamed I was locked in my fathers watch, with Ptolemy and twenty one ruby stars mounted on spheres and the primum mobile coiled and gleaming to the end of space and the notched spheres eating each other's rinds to the last tooth of time and the case closed - John Ciardi ...

    Russian Watches

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    The pessimist says it can't get any worse while the optimist says it can.

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    My favourite shot of my Sub before I sold it.
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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