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Thread: So who here has stuck by your New Years Resolutions ?

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    So who here has stuck by your New Years Resolutions ?

    I remember a thread that was started about this topic.Thought it would be interesting to see who has stuck by it & see who will check themselves IF not.

    I for 1 need to check myself.
    I stated I wanted to get back in the gym & also stop smoking....Neither has happened.I have slowed down quit a bit on the cigs,BUT still no gym
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    I did stick to my new year resolution - that is not to make any. Haha. Sorry, couldn't help it.

    On a more serious note, I have to admit I did go off tangent over the last two weeks with my resolution. This is a good "wake-up" call to stay back in track. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nutty28 View Post
    I did stick to my new year resolution - that is not to make any.
    Ditto, I didn't make any...I'm self motivated, don't need an occasion to to start self-help.

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    I did not make I have stuck by mine

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    Sticking to it so far, I wanted to lose some weight this year and am already down 2kg.

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    Sort of. I didn't make any resolutions, per se, that were to begin precisely on New Year's Day, but I did make a committment to lose weight and stop smoking in a measured, sensible way. So far, I've cut my smoking in half (half-pack a day down to 1/4 pack a day), and dropped 6 pounds and 1". However, my long-time travelling companions Anxiety and Depression have dogged every step of the way, making it a real struggle.
    But I haven't bought any new watches after the three I bought after saying I wasn't going to buy any more!

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    Well, three of you already used my answer (resolved not to make any and stuck with it!). But actually, resolved to buy my home. Sort of cheating, because I already had a signed deal, was just waiting to close and did. But sometimes things happen, so in fact we did get it done. Other things I want to accomplish this year (wt. loss is a BIG one) but not ties to New Years resolution at all.

    ETA: Umm... Shouldn't this thread be in the Lounge?
    Regards, T Bone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bwana View Post
    Ditto, I didn't make any...I'm self motivated, don't need an occasion to to start self-help.


    ....or maybe I'm just indifferent to the whole thang

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    Exercise yes
    Healthy eating yes
    Alcohol 2/7 yes

    Watches hmm maybe not
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    I made 2:
    1) to read a book written before 2000 for every one I read written after it I've done very well at this
    2) to write another novel - failing miserably at this so far
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