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Thread: Very LE Nivrel

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    Very LE Nivrel

    Half surprised, half not to see that a LE of only 30 piece still hasn't totally sold out. Guess its a bit too niche for this AD to shift. I saw this for 1700 fifteen months ago. Now its 1500 with "Best offer" option available. They so need low-balling.

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    Anyway, the watch is a higher-grade version of my Coeur de la Sarre, the big difference being the Lemania 8810 automatic movement, which is just 2.95 mm thick. "The movement which was originally developed under the name ‘Longines 990’ and later on bought by Lemania, has already earned its place as a rarity in the watch cabinets of many collectors. Temporarily it was considered to be the world’s flattest automatic movement." The watch is only 7.4mm thick, 40mm wide.

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    Nivrel page:

    eBay with Make Offer button:
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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that is the very last movement Longines ever made.

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    That's what Nivrel say, too

    If I had a grand spare I would start at 1,000 and have a conversation. When I look at my Nivrel and imagine it reduced from 42mm to 40mm, from 12.5mm to 7.5mm thick and with sapphire....yeah that's worth doubling the price. Even for putting up with a sodding date window
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    It's a nice looking piece and quite thin.

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    I wanted one of these in the worst way, but sigh....too large for my wimpy wrist.

    Very nice looking watch.
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    (a) I've had my Coeur de la Sarre for over a year, and I've never found it short of poetry and delight. So the front is good.

    (b) I love my 8mm thick Soviet manuals. So not-there.

    When I try to imagine (a) with the quality of (b) then - especially when I think of some of the terrible options the watch industry offers at the two grand mark.... - then.....

    Actually, have to admit that the date window is still killing it for me, fifteen months on. But I'm nuts like that! You lot like date windows! Someone, please buy this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    I wanted one of these in the worst way, but sigh....too large for my wimpy wrist.

    Very nice looking watch.
    Wow, even 40mm is too big? Poor you. But then, all those cheap sub-35mm vintage watches for you....

    Assuming the proportions are the same as my 42mm Nivrel the lug to lug on this will be 48mm.

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    That's a nice looking dial. The movement is fantastic, too. I have a similar movement in my RGM TZLE and it is an excellent little engine. Exceptionally thin and twin barrels to provide greater accuracy. I believe Breguet and several other fancy-pants Swiss brands have used that movement as well.

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    Watches like this are when the recent forced home renovations are a *bit* more painful. I enjoy my lone Nivrel, and I hope to add some more.

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    Very nice! Wish it was a dark colored dial with silver indices . . .

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